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How to record your DJ Mix with your laptop

So you have created a great mix, something that will rock every dance floor in the world. It will get every man, woman and child bopping their heads along for sure. However you need to record it, so those said people can put it on their Ipods and listen to it on the bus to work. At Become A DJ we have a fully equipped DJ studio, with all industry standard DJ equipment. If you want to record your set we would be more than happy to help. Just book online here: Below is a brief run down on how to record your mixes using a standard Pioneer set up.


To record your mix please first download Audacity to your computer. Then download the Pioneer DJM-900 Driver software to your computer as well here. Make sure your mic input is muted/switched off on your computer.



  • Connect usb from the mixer to your computer.

  • The pioneer DJM-900 software should come up automatically upon connection.

  • In the Mixer Output, Set USB 1/2 3/4 5/6 7/8 to REC OUT. USB Output level at -10db.




Open Audacity


  • Click FILE - preferences.

  • In the Devices section change: recording - device to DJM-900.

  • In the Quality section - Sample rate: 44100Hz.


                                 Sample Format: 24-bit.

  • Real time conversion - Sample Rate Converter - Best Quality (Slowest)

                                 Dither - None.

  • High Quality Conversion - Sample Rate Converter - Best Quality (Slowest) Dither - None.


Devices section:



Quality section:





Now record your mix.




  • Click record (The red circle) in audacity and enjoy!




Please keep levels out the red. It will distort the mix and will not sound good in the recording.



Below are pictures of two recordings, of the same piece of music. 1st picture is not clipped (How it should look). The 2nd is clipped (how it shouldn’t look).









Exporting your mix.




  • Click FILE - Export (to export)

  • Name it and save it to where you want in the click down menu. IE. Desktop

  • Choose which format in the click down menu. IE. MP3, WAV, AIFF etc.



If you can’t save as a certain format you may be prompted to download software. Follow the instructions. Then choose which format you want.



Saving your Mix:



  • Click FILE - Save Project As

  • Name it and save it to where you want in the click down menu. IE. Desktop

  • Don’t change the format here.




Then locate your exported mix on your computer.



You now have a recorded mix.


Posted on 13 Apr 2019

Becoming a DJ: The Aftermath

Nothing’s more frustrating than completing a course in something and then not having the opportunity to put your knowledge and talents to good use – as any University graduate with a degree in Ancient Macedonian Architecture who ended up working in the marketing department for will happily tell you. Here at ‘Become a DJ’, we help you to achieve your ambition- if its to make DJing your career or just enjoy those goose bumping, adrenaline infused moments several times a year.   


A lot of courses and training schemes come to an end, and then off you go, blinking into the wilderness, without so much as a goodbye or an obligatory wave. This hurts! You don’t know which steps to take next, then gradually lose hope and focus, and end up dumping all your DJ equipment in the nearest available skip. Why spend so much time, money and effort honing skills you won’t even have a chance to use? This is why ‘Become a DJ’ have crafted specific events and opportunities for you to showcase your abilities. 


We arrange our own nights where you can experience performing live, as well as giving you the chance to meet other DJs and music industry professionals to network and collaborate with, giving you that crucial ‘In’ into the scene. You can build up your back catalogue of mixes, seeing how they go down live whilst also having an awesome night with like-minded friends and associates, not to mention other related opportunities such as podcasts and a burgeoning record label. After all, why try and make it alone when you could do it with the support, shared expertise and similar passions of your comrades?


Our nights come in two different guises. Firstly, we have our Raw Silence events once every month or so. These are Deep/Tech House nights, perfect for our students who are passionate about this genre of music, featuring superb resident DJs and the freshest talent from our course. We try and find new, left-field venue choices rather than standard bar or warehouse locations, in order to complement the music as much as possible and create an awesome ambience in which everyone can connect, make friends and concoct grand schemes. We are also building the Raw Silence record label, to release the production pieces done in our studio and podcasts featuring interviews and live guest mixes involving established DJs. 


Then we have our DropOne30 nights, which showcase the best in Progressive through to Electro House. These are designed for our students aiming at that big room energy, and so the venues are chosen accordingly, including such staples of the party scene as Pacha and Ministry of Sound. These nights will also have their own podcast in order to spread the word and offer as many outlets for our students’ music as we can provide.  


But a picture is worth a thousand words, so please check it out yourself. Videos, Podcasts, Dj Sets and Photos  from the parties can be found at  and  


The next DropOne30 party is on the 30th of November in Pacha and Raw Silence will be taking over the whole Cargo Club on the 26th of December. 

Posted on 15 May 2018
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