B2B DJ Sessions

There’s nothing quite like a good back-to-back session on the decks. The buzz of jamming it out together, improvising, selecting tracks under pressure, weaving a story together. It’s the best! B2Bs are generally full of surprises, you never know where they will take you and you even can start to hear your music in new ways. A lot of fun.

If you haven’t yet had a B2B, then this is definitely the way to take your DJ’ing practice and experience to new levels.

B2Bs are a brilliant way to improve your technical skills, knowledge of your tracks, and your ear when playing on the fly. What’s more, as you’re mixing out of someone else’s music, you get valuable exposure to different sounds and styles, and you’re pushed to get the very best out of a mix between your buddy’s tracks, and your own. An amazing way to develop your ear, beat matching, and mixing skills. Not to mention your ability to react quickly and follow your intuition when it comes to track selection. You won’t necessarily have time to think it through - it’s about feeling what should come next. This is often when the magic happens!

Beyond this, what better way to connect with someone than through your shared love for music and mixing. B2Bs are all about teamwork, and if you’re in the early stages of DJ’ing, a beautiful way to support and learn from one another. It’s all about non-verbal communication as you let the music do the talking, which can result in some pretty special energy in the room!

At BAD Studios, we’ve introduced a number of our students and clients to one another who have gone on to have amazing B2B sessions, and friendships. So, if you don’t currently have a DJ’ing buddy who is into a similar sound/style, drop us an email and we can hook you up! Once you’ve found your buddy, we’re ready to welcome you to our fully equipped DJ Studio in Shepherd’s Bush. You can book your session here.