DJ Studio hire in London

Perfect your DJ skills with BAD Studios' DJ Studio Hire, equipped with the latest Pioneer and Technics equipment.

DJ Studio Hire In West London

Open daily from 9 am to 11 pm, our DJ studio is the ideal spot for DJs at any level. Whether you're practicing new techniques, recording mixes, or exploring the latest in audio technology, our studio is equipped to meet your needs. With a maximum capacity of 3 people per booking, it's a great place to work solo or with a couple of friends.

Our professional-grade studio features top-notch equipment, including Pioneer CDJs 3000, Technics 1210 turntables, and a wide range of mixers like the Pioneer DJM-A9, DJM-900NXS2, DJM-V10, Allen&Heath Xone96.

The standard hire package gives you access to:

  • 2 x Pioneer CDJs 3000
  • 1 x DJM900nx2 mixer

If you need additional equipment from the list below, please email [email protected] before booking to ensure availability.

We offer flexible booking options, from an hour to the entire day, at a competitive rate of £15 per hour. Our studio is designed for the best acoustic experience, featuring Rokit KRK 10 monitors.

We can also provide a Zoom H5 recorder and a Zoom Q8 HD video camera to record your sessions; please get in touch with us.

Our team is always ready to help with setup, technical support, or advice to enhance your studio experience. We aim to make your time here both productive and enjoyable.

Join us in our studio, a community space for DJs to learn, experiment, and grow in their craft. We're excited to support you on your musical journey.

Additional Information:

Available DJ equipment:

  • Pioneer CDJs 3000
  • Pioneer XDJ1000mk2
  • Technics 1210's turntables
  • Pioneer DJM -A9 mixer
  • Pioneer DJM900nx2 mixer
  • Pioneer DJM-V10 mixer
  • Allen & Heath Xone96 mixer
  • Zoom H5 recorder
  • Zoom Q8 HD video camera

Book Your DJ Studio Session

  1. Pick Your Time: We're open from 9 am to 11 pm every day. You can book for any duration, from an hour to the whole day.

  2. Equipment Check: You get 2 Pioneer CDJs 3000 and a DJM900nx2 mixer with your booking. Need more gear? Email us at [email protected] to see if it's available and to reserve it.

  3. How to Book & Prices: Booking is simple – either through our website or by giving us a call. It's £15 per hour, so you can plan according to your budget and needs.

  4. Group Size: Up to 3 people can join in a session, perfect for solo practice or small groups.

  5. Enjoy Your Time: Our friendly team is here to help you set up and sort out any tech stuff. Plus, our studios have great monitors and recording gear for a top-notch experience.

Please view our terms and conditions for DJ Studio Hire at:

Our Reviews:

  • Great setup, flexible times, and the team are really nice.

    Chris Avatar Chris
    26th September 2023

    Really top notch, this is a gem which I just stumbled across within a short distance of me. Katie was super nice, and the kit was of the highest quality.... read more

    Landog Avatar Landog
    17th August 2023

    Great studio setup, quality equipment and very accommodating and helpful also! Love using BAD Studios and would 100% recommend

    Zoe byrne Avatar Zoe byrne
    17th February 2023
  • I have been using BAD Studios to both learn how to DJ and to practice DJing with and would recommend them for both services. As a DJ teacher, Mantas... read more

    Farrah S Avatar Farrah S
    17th October 2022

    This is a great studio facility. Easy to book online, with great prices, a friendly team and they have the latest equipment in pristine condition.

    J U Avatar J U
    31st August 2022

    Love this please, staff are super nice and friendly, equipment is clean and perfect and not to mention they have the best and newest equipment. Will be back for more.... read more

    Kab Avatar Kab
    14th May 2022
  • I have been using BAD Studios to both learn how to DJ and to practice DJing with and would recommend them for both services.As a DJ teacher, Mantas is extremely... read more

    Farrah S Avatar Farrah S
    26th April 2022

    So impressed with the quality of the equipment and overall service here - super helpful staff! A combined digital/turntable setup with a choice of Pioneer/Allen & Heath mixer, and a... read more

    Sebastian S Avatar Sebastian S
    20th April 2022

    Brilliant studio, always friendly and helpful towards me, they always have the best equipment for DJing and production at hand, very very good prices too, not a bad thing to... read more

    DJ Aspect Avatar DJ Aspect
    19th April 2022

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