learn new skill

The overview of the possible thoughts running through your mind before booking your first DJing lesson or Music Production course in our London studio. 


We’ve all been there, approaching or part-way through the adult years of life when things begin to feel stagnant and stuck. Routine and monotony seems like an all too familiar friend (or fo), leaving us feeling unfulfilled. Work comes around each day, then that buzz of excitement as the weekend approaches, perhaps the occasional trip or holiday, before the cycle starts again. It’s a cycle many of us will be familiar with, but it doesn’t mean it’s one that needs to stick!

We’re big advocates of making the big, bold decision that enough is enough and shaking off the cobwebs. The moments when we’re feeling bored and uninspired are the exact moments action is needed. And trying out something new - something you’ve been curious about for some time, for example - can be the perfect antidote. Taking up a new sport, trying a new hobbie like singing or dancing, or - and this is where we come in - taking up a DJing or music production course... Well if the latter two catch your attention, then you’re in the right place.

‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever’ - Mahatma Gandhi

Learning something new can be an ideal way to get your mojo back. A purposeful way to spend your time, learning a new skill for the fun and sake of it can help to grow your confidence, create opportunities to meet new people, stimulate your mind, and improve neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change and adapt). More simply, learning is fun and can be the ultimate mood booster, providing a sense of accomplishment and improving your overall wellbeing. Need we go on? The  benefits are endless!

For some, learning something entirely new may feel daunting. It requires you to start from the very beginning, after all (and us adults tend to think it’s too late for all that, but we couldn’t be more wrong!). It’s never too late to honour your curiosity and give something a go and if this is where our mind takes us - that it’s too late, what’s the point - then we have to ask why and what benefits this mindset will really bring us. Getting out of our comfort zone is the fuel for a vibrant and exciting life, and pushing ourselves to competency is incredibly satisfying.

‘Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.’ - so the African proverb goes. 

Research indicates that people are generally keen to learn a new skill, however, only a small fraction actually do it, with the main barriers to learning being the cost, available time, and availability of credible resources of courses to actually learn from.

If you feel like doubts and fears are holding you back from making a positive change and trying something new, spend some time reflecting on your thoughts to identify what the fears or objections are. Exploring and questioning the thoughts that prevent us from taking action can help to shift the focus and gain some perspective. Ask yourself, will doing this new awesome thing potentially improve my well-being? If yes, it’s time to make an action plan so you can overcome your fears.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

For those of you who are curious to try out DJing, our carefully crafted course will not only give you new knowledge and skills, but your appreciation for music will go through the roof! Lessons are 1-2-1, pay as you go, with an experienced instructor who will go at your pace, so there’s no pressure or expectation. It’s about enjoying the ride, after all.

Alternatively, if you feel curious about learning to produce, our music production course will teach you how to create your own tracks step-by-step, equipping you with fundamentals in music theory, but will also help you to understand how to express yourself through your own music, taking your love for music to new levels entirely. 

Our DJing and music production courses are suitable for everyone, even the busiest people. We offer a flexible scheduling, 7 days per week up to 11pm, and you choose how frequently to attend the lessons - be it once a week or once a month. In addition, lessons are pay as you go and do not require upfront payment which makes it very affordable. 

If you feel that there is something else that's stopping you from taking the leap and signing up for one of our courses, we would love to hear from you.