vinyl deck

Why you might like to try Vinyl DJing


If you are a DJ who has honed their skills on CDJs and are yet to dabble in the world of vinyl DJing, then you may well be questioning whether it is time to make the leap. The reality is, getting to grips with vinyl DJing takes commitment and practice  - a lot of practice - but there are multiple reasons why it is entirely worth it. It is our pleasure to go into a few of these here:

-  In these fast-paced, digital-heavy times, we should not underestimate the power of physical touch i.e. touching and seeing the grooves of a record, feeling the silky smooth vinyl wax beneath your fingers, gently rifling through records to select your next tune. The hands-on, tactile nature of vinyl DJing is, let’s be real, a gift in these times, arguably letting you get even more intimate with your music. It can definitely be said that the skills required in DJing make it the ultimate form of mindfulness - there is nothing quite like beatmatching by ear, and mixing, to bring you into the moment. Total presence. Well in our opinion, vinyl DJing can take this to another level entirely. 

Record shopping, for many, is a joy. There’s nothing quite like heading down to your local record store to do some digging. Of course,, searching through an endless library of music to download your favourite digital tracks via online platforms can be satisfying, big time if your mission is to find the hidden gems tucked away outside the top 100. However, the feeling you get when you find a record you love that you get to take home and add to your collection - is bliss!

-  It can be said that vinyl DJing is going to seriously develop your skills for track selection and mixing. No loops or beat jumping to save you in the mix, as with the CDJs. Just you and the records you select - and you simply have to make them work.

-  Likewise, you will need to hone the skill of beat matching as you cannot fall back on your CDJs or software to help you out. You will likely spend the whole record beat matching.

-  Finally, for many, analog sound (over digital sound) is fuller, rounder, and warmer, with deeper bass. Again, this is another blog entirely but in essence, vinyl is the preference for many DJs given analog waveform’s very distinct sound. 

If you’re keen to start learning, come and meet our instructors, see our studios and talk through your goals, we offer a free introduction session. Book yours HERE. We’d love to see you!