pacha club

'Become A DJ' Students play at Pacha London!!

London Victoria on the 25th April was home to Raw Silence for the night. 12 DJ’s hailing from the Become A DJ course played alongside headliner Vanilla Ace. Of these DJ’s 4 of them were to play in a club environment for the first time and not just any club, it was the world recognised Pacha. The soundcheck was done, all the DJ’s had bag’s full of music to keep people shuffling around on the dance floor till the early hours of Saturday morning. At 11 pm the doors opened, the flyering was well underway, DJ’s Headphones on and the Deep House was turned up… Loud.

The Raw Silence DJ’s included: Cameron Bremner/  Pitix/ Cat Hooper/ Long Pham/ Rimus/ Markus Rush/ Mark One/ Lego Las/ Sodergrenade/ Adam Dolby/ Naanite/ Patricia Marie C. These guys kept two rooms in Pacha going till 6am.

The first time DJ’s went into the DJ booth full of butterflies in their stomachs, they came away with their dreams being realised and the biggest grins on their faces. They had rocked Pacha with some heavy beats and the crowd loved it. 

Amongst the crowd were the foot shufflers, the cool guys at the bar, the girls on the platforms and plenty of House Music fans dancing the night away. In the DJ booth the headphones were on and music the only topic on anybody's minds. When Vanilla Ace turned up DJ Rimus was already creating waves amongst the crowd with his bass infused Deep House. As Vanilla Ace took to the decks the bass lines, deep euphoric melodies and drums going right through everyone flowing freely throughout the club for an hour and a half. 

Then it was time for more Raw Silence DJ’s to keep the party going till wrapping it up nicely at a respectable 6 am. The sun was rising over London as Pacha closed and everyone involved in the night came away happy in the knowledge of another great party by the Raw Silence team. However don’t just take our word for it, see it in the video below.