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Tom at gig

Tom Dent

Born: 1991
Style: Techno

I started lessons 9 months ago and I am now producing my own techno, playing regularly and pursuing a carrier as a DJ. And I've made many new friends along the way

Lucien Biscop playing at On the 5th Day

Lucien Biscop

Born: 1988
Style: Techno 

'Mantas teaching skills, knowledge, and patience were beyond anything expected. I will always be grateful and can’t recommend them enough.'

Danny P

Danny P

Born: 1982
Style: Tech, Deep, Funky and Disco House

I can definitely say it was the best decision of my life. The opportunities I've landed has been nothing short of amazing including a residency on house 559 Music and now starting up my own event dsruptn plus playing for endless incredible events.

Ben k

Ben K

Born: 1981
Style: Techno, Acid, Nostalgic Electronica

A couple of years ago, I wanted to challenge myself to not just consume but also produce music. I'm grateful to Mantas for giving me the courage to turn a curiosity into a concrete passion.

Karen Wilkins with headphones

Karen Wilkins

Born: 1967
Style: Minimal / Deep Tech

'I entered their studio doors with a seed of curiosity about the DJ world and came out with a fully-fledged passion to be part of it – a testament to their style and approach'
cristina lazic

Cristina Lazic

Style: House / Techno

Thanks to Become a DJ, I have learnt how to beat match properly, "tell the story" when I perform live and engage with the audience to transmit my love for music.

odd hills

Dmitrijus Truninas - Odd Hills

Born: 1985
Style: Techno

Big thanks for Mantas for helping me to open new page in my life!

tonia nee

Tonia Nee

Born: 1989
Style: Techno

I learnt a lot of technical skill and a lot about the music industry in general. Above all I've made friends for life and continue to want to grow and develop based on what I have learnt from the course.

Cat Hooper djing at the club

Cat Hooper

Born: 1981
Style: Tech House / Techno

'Not only has it taught me everything I could need to know & more about becoming a DJ, it has taught me so much about music in general and about myself'

misha tsvelik

Misha Tsvelik

Born: 1982
Style: House / Techno

I now feel I've gained the skills to match my vigour, drive and purpose through musically formative experiences.

Maaike at gig


Style: Techno

These guys are on another level! Mantas is a great mentor with a critical ear and a wealth of knowledge.

student playing a gig

Paul Simonelli

Born: 1976
Style: Deep Tech

After 25 years of being a bedroom DJ, Mantas helped me achieve the dream I never had the confidence to realise before, playing out to a crowd



Born: 1985
Style: Techno

I'll be always grateful to this school and Mantas, my teacher (or as I like to call him "music Sifu" ), who made me achieve the freedom of expression through a superb way of teaching.

Olaf playing at the gig


Born: 1992
Style: Techno / Tech House

"The one on one tutoring is special with Mantas, each lesson is tailored to your specific needs. I learned so much in a short space of time"

student playing at the club

Paul Wright

Born: 1985
Style: Deep / Tech House

'When I first started the course I only wanted to learn more about DJing, but over time my understanding of how music is made grew each week'

Keith Hunter djing at the club

Keith Hunter

Born: 1980
Style: Tech House

'Its incredible how through music, you can experience a complete spectrum of emotions, in the matter of minutes'

Michel Gonzalez djing

Michel Gonzalez

Style: Melodic Techno

'I was subsequently able to do my first live gig after only four months of classes'