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Alternative to Pirate Studios


Pirate Studios came into the music rehearsal space market over 5 years ago, offering a new self-service concept and promising to be affordable and convenient. And yes, at first their prices were unbeatable, yet since becoming established in the market things have changed a little.

While the self-service concept does offer a certain level of convenience given that you can access the studios 24/7, the fact that there is no-one actually on-site might present several issues for the users.  

Pirate Studios are in 9 locations throughout London making them fairly accessible, however our personal view is that it is sometimes worth a longer trip to get the comfort, wider choice of equipment, affordability and professional service you deserve.

Step in BAD Studios

First and foremost, our DJ Studio will always be manned and a warm welcome is guaranteed (from our little boston terrier, Mango too). This ensures you will never have difficulties accessing the room, which we guarantee will be clean and tidy. We take good care of our equipment which is always in great working order and fully functional. You won’t find yourself having to waste precious practicing time looking for a replacement equipment. In addition, if you have a question about the equipment or any other query, there is always someone around to support you.

We like to stay on top of the game by investing in the latest gear and thus we have top of the range DJing equipment available. As a standard set up when hiring our DJ Studio, our clients get 2x Pioneer CDJ3000’s and a DJM900nxs2 mixer. However, we have much more to offer. At no extra cost, clients can request a pair of Technics 1210’s, or our mighty 6 channel Pioneer DJM-V10, or our own personal favourite, the Allen & Heath Xone96. If you have an MC in da house, we can also supply mics.

For those of you looking to record a set, we’re here to assist so it’s a smooth and stress-free ride. We have an audio recorder, and HD camera to capture video, if needed. And we willl get everything set up for you.

Did we mention that all these extras, such as additional equipment or recording gear, do not cost a penny more. It’s all included in the price - just £12.5 per hour! 

Our DJ Studio is located in the heart of Shepherds bush, west London. We are surrounded by three TFL stations: Goldhawk Road on the Circle or H&C Line, Shepherd’s Bush on the Central or Overground lines, and Shepherd’s Bush Market, making us accessible from pretty much any part of London.

The studio is open for bookings 7 days a week, from 9 AM to 11 PM. Book HERE

We are a small family business - music and DJ’ing is in our blood - and in these times more than ever, supporting small and local is the way to go. So if you are looking for an affordable, professional and welcoming DJ studio, give BAD studios a go! We would love to welcome you.