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Music Production

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” (Brene Brown)

The world of music production is vast and if you’re a beginner, knowing where to start can be a challenge in itself. If your journey has already begun and you’re slowly mastering the necessary skills, you may find you’ve hit a bit of a wall, or can’t quite complete your projects, and are unsure which way to turn or what your next steps should be.

Whatever stage you’re at, our instructors are here to help.

Music Production Course in London

Our production lessons are designed to break the production process down into simple bite-size chunks, ensuring you can progress and enjoy the beautiful process of writing your own music. 

A solely technical and theoretical approach to teaching music production can be overwhelming and confusing. This is why alongside developing your technical knowledge and understanding, including how to put this into practice, we will work with you to understand what inspires you and how to translate this into your own music. Leading with creativity ensures inspiration flows throughout. We’ll also give you tasks and activities to do at home so that in time, you can begin to create independently. How to discover new ideas and put them into practice is a big part of lessons.

All lessons are delivered on a one-to-one basis, kick-starting with a meeting with one of our instructors, during which you can discuss your goals and design a plan for your lessons. 

You’ll have access to a wide range of analogue equipment throughout the course, meaning the results will be up to the highest of standards.

Two-hour session cost just £60.

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    Music Production Services

    Most bedroom producers struggle to finalise their projects to the standard they want. You're not alone, we've all been there!

    We will help you to push your tracks over the final hurdles, supporting with mix down, improving arrangements, processing sounds with analog gear, finding the last missing ingredients to complete your tracks or removing unwanted ones.

    During this process, we'll be sure to explain the "how" to you so you can get there on your own too.

    A bespoke two-hour session with one of our engineers costs £60.

    music production studio

    Music Production Studio Hire

    Hire our dedicated, sound-proofed, acoustically treated production space to work on your music, just £12.5 per hour.

    Available equipment:

    KRK Rokit 7's monitors

    Focusrite Scarlet soundcard

    Roland MIDI A300 keyboard

    2x Rode microphones

    Keyboard and mouse

    27” screen