sounds of stillness

Sounds of Stillness, ambient podcast series promoting calmness


On the 5th Day: Sounds of Stillness

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” (Rumi)

Sounds of Stillness is On the 5th Day’s ambient podcast series dedicated to the beauty of stillness - to expanding consciousness and to deepening our connection to the universe. More simply, it’s dedicated to the preciousness of time out for you.

The demands of daily life, of the roles and responsibilities we adopt and of the endless stream of thoughts and fears rippling through the mind can drown out the innate calm and tranquillity that exists within us all, yet stillness is the path to our inner sanctuary, to the secrets of the soul, to the rhythms of the universe, to our creative energy, and to our healing. 

Sounds of Stillness is your vessel to this inner peace, calm and serenity, guided by sonic stories woven together just for you by a host of inspired creators from around the world. 

Sounds of Stillness will feature ambient mixes woven together by artists from around the world, each with the intention of supporting you to still the mind and connect to your true essence, and the universe.
If you're struggling, feeling alone, in despair, or just need a time out for you, we hope this helps. Listen and know you're loved, you matter, we are all connected ❤️❤️❤️

Podcast series includes mixes from artists such as Ancestral Voices, Ness, Aleja Sanchez, Primal Code and more. 

With love