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We are a professional DJ and electronic music production studio providing industry-standard studio hire, one-to-one, pay-as-you-go courses, and bespoke sessions helping you to brush up on your skills, or ensure your tracks are label-ready. Our team are passionate, highly experienced and ready to support you on your journey towards your goals, whether that be playing out in clubs, releasing your music, connecting to music more or pursuing a new hobby.

Open 11 am-11 pm, 7 days a week.


We see DJing as an art form - a form of self-expression - which is why we love to teach our clients to master the decks as they would any other musical instrument.


  • Instructors available for all genres
  • Courses suited to all levels
  • Sessions are one to one with an instructor
  • Pay as you go (£30 per hour)
  • Free introduction session available


/per hour


The world of music production is vast and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Whatever stage you’re at, we can support you.


  • One-to-one Ableton lessons
  • A range of other services, including bespoke sessions with an engineer to help you complete tracks
  • Pay as you go (£30 per hour)
  • A wide range of gear including synths and drum machines
  • Release your music on our in-house label


/per hour

Studio Hire

Our spacious, soundproofed and acoustically treated studios are available for both DJ practice and music production.


  • Practice, record or stream your sets
  • Wide range of equipment available
  • Easy online booking 7 days per week


  • Dedicated space to work on your music
  • Easy online booking 7 days per week


/per hour

Our reviews

  • Great setup, flexible times, and the team are really nice.

    Chris Avatar Chris
    26th September 2023

    Really top notch, this is a gem which I just stumbled across within a short distance of me. Katie was super nice, and the kit was of the highest quality.... read more

    Landog Avatar Landog
    17th August 2023

    Great studio setup, quality equipment and very accommodating and helpful also! Love using BAD Studios and would 100% recommend

    Zoe byrne Avatar Zoe byrne
    17th February 2023
  • I have been using BAD Studios to both learn how to DJ and to practice DJing with and would recommend them for both services. As a DJ teacher, Mantas... read more

    Farrah S Avatar Farrah S
    17th October 2022

    This is a great studio facility. Easy to book online, with great prices, a friendly team and they have the latest equipment in pristine condition.

    J U Avatar J U
    31st August 2022

    Love this please, staff are super nice and friendly, equipment is clean and perfect and not to mention they have the best and newest equipment. Will be back for more.... read more

    Kab Avatar Kab
    14th May 2022
  • I have been using BAD Studios to both learn how to DJ and to practice DJing with and would recommend them for both services.As a DJ teacher, Mantas is extremely... read more

    Farrah S Avatar Farrah S
    26th April 2022

    So impressed with the quality of the equipment and overall service here - super helpful staff! A combined digital/turntable setup with a choice of Pioneer/Allen & Heath mixer, and a... read more

    Sebastian S Avatar Sebastian S
    20th April 2022

    Brilliant studio, always friendly and helpful towards me, they always have the best equipment for DJing and production at hand, very very good prices too, not a bad thing to... read more

    DJ Aspect Avatar DJ Aspect
    19th April 2022

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What to expect from Music Production lessons at BAD Studios

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DJ Studio Hire with vinyl decks - Technics 1210s turntables

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    Contact Details

    Shepherd's Bush (Central Line, Overground), Goldhawk Road (Circle and Hammersmith & City Lines) Hammersmith (Piccadilly , District lines)

    Numbers -
    72, 220, 283, 295

    We are open:
    11 am - 11 pm

    6 Shepherd's Bush Road,
    W6 7PJ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is BAD Studios?

    BAD Studio, short for 'Become a DJ Studio" is a space to learn, practice and evolve as an electronic music artist. Our studio offers one-to-one DJing and music production lessons, music production services, such as mixdowns and edits, DJ studio hire for practice and polishing your skill.

    How can BAD Studios help me become a DJ?

    BAD Studios offers one-to-one DJ courses to teach you everything needed to be able to master the skill of DJing. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate DJ, our lessons offer tailored content to suit your needs.

    re the courses suitable for beginners with no experience?

    Yes! Our courses are suitable to all levels, including beginners. We provide step-by-step guidance to help you understand the fundamentals and craft the skill.

    What topics are covered in BAD Studios courses?

    Our DJ courses cover equipment setup, beatmatching by ear, mixing, music selection, performance skills, and more. We also offer guidance on building your unique DJing style.

    What services does BAD Studios provide for music production?

    We offer music production lessons or services to finish your music projects. Music Production lessons are either in person in our studio in Shepherds Bush, London or online. Some of the services include: mixdowns, improving arrangements, processing sounds with analog gear, finding the last missing ingredients to complete your track.

    How are production lessons structured?

    Our approach strikes a balance between technical expertise and creativity. We help you grasp technical aspects while nurturing your artistic flair to ensure your music is inspiring and innovative.

    How do you balance technical and creative aspects in production lessons?

    We understand that a solely technical and theoretical approach can be overwhelming. Our lessons blend technical skills with imaginative thinking, allowing you to practically apply what you learn.

    How are lessons delivered?

    All our lessons are conducted on a one-to-one basis, ensuring individualised attention. The process begins with an initial meeting with one of our instructors. Here, you'll outline your goals and collaboratively design a personalised lesson plan. Our DJ lessons are only delivered in person in our studio in Shepherds Bush, London and Music Production lessons can be done in person or online.

    What equipment will I have access to during the course?

    Throughout the music production course, you'll have access to an array of analogue equipment, ensuring your work meets the highest standards of quality. Our DJing courses are delivered using industry-standard gear - Pioneer CDJ3000's and Technic vinyl decks. In addition we have a choice of a few different mixers.

    How much do the two-hour sessions cost?

    Our two-hour DJing or music production sessions are priced at just £60, providing affordable access to top-notch instruction and resources.

    Are production lessons suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely, our production lessons cater to all levels of experience. Whether you're new to music production or seeking to refine your skills, our lessons are designed to suit your needs.

    Can I create different genres of music during the lessons?

    We are an electronic music studio with a focus on genres such as house, tech house, techno, deep tech and anything in between.

    How do I contact BAD Studios for more details?

    For additional queries or further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via [email protected]. We're here to provide assistance as you embark on your DJing or music production journey at BAD Studios.