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Become A DJ – Make Your First Steps To Becoming A DJ Today


At Become A DJ we know what it takes to get started as a DJ and we’re experts at inspiring and educating others to take the necessary steps needed to begin what will become your new passion. DJing is without a doubt one of the most rewarding hobbies or even career paths you can imagine, and with the right support from the right people, you really can give your life a new direction within music. There is nothing more rewarding than playing music you love to people who want to hear it and being able to manipulate and deliver it in any way that your creativity desires. 

Some people never even get as far as touching a set of Pioneer CDJs, but those that do - never look back! There is a magic in DJing that is hard to find anywhere else, so if you’ve spent nights in clubs and bars amazed by the atmosphere created by your favourite DJs and wanted to taste that feeling for yourself – Become A DJ is fast becoming one of the go to sources for those wanting to get hands on with the DJing world.

Why use a professional DJ school?

For many, DJing begins in the bedroom of a friend on a pair usually sub-standard belt-driven turntables, mixing with a mixer that’s been passed down from DJ to DJ for 20 odd years. Coming into our DJ school will put you face to face with the technology that you’re going to be using should you get those all important first bookings in clubs and bars out in the real world. Setups around the world’s bars and clubs are relatively consistent, so skip the L-plates and get right onto the kit that the DJ world actually relies on.


There’s nothing wrong with learning on old and cheap gear, but if we’re honest, you’re not going to walk into a club in the UK and be faced with a set of old turntables from the 80s anymore! At Become A DJ, we use the tools that the industry has decided are standard. There’s no denying these setups are expensive if you’re starting out, but we offer rates that wont break the bank, giving you hands on experience with the right tools for the job.


Much like anything else with a long learning curve, your journey will be made easier by guidance from well-informed and experienced tutors. Become A DJ tutors know their pitch faders from their cross faders and have spent several years honing their skills behind the decks. Walking up to a modern Pioneer DJ setup for the first time is much like walking into an aircraft cockpit – there’s a lot of buttons and sliders flashing at you, but if you don’t know what they all do – the results can be devastating! With dedicated hands on tuition from Become A DJ, you can expect to ride the learning curve in the fastest and most effective way possible.
Get in touch with a member of team from Become A DJ today and we’ll be happy to talk in detail about what we can offer to meet your personal DJ needs.