vinyl decks


What's that?

You're fed up you can't find a London studio with vinyl decks to jam on?

Ahem. We may be able to help.

Word on the street is that it is hard for wax lovers out there to find a decent studio in London offering a vinyl deck set-up. A sad state of affairs if you are a lover of records without the cash to splash on a home set-up. All those beautiful records and nowhere to jam.

Well, we have got you.

As long-standing DJs, music lovers, and vinyl collectors, we get it. There is nothing quite like the buzz of record digging, the warmth and depth of analogue sound, a records’ silky smooth feel, the careful attention required to cue in each track. Arguably in fact, because of the tactile nature of vinyl mixing, your connection with music can become immensely more intimate. And in these fast-paced, digital-crazy times, this is something we are all for. 

This is why here at BAD Studios in Shepherd's Bush, West London we are the proud owners of a pair of Technics 1210s, available to hire on request for just £12.50 per hour. 

Technics 1210s feature a sturdy, reliable, heavy-duty design, vibration-resistant construction, decent sonics, and top-notch mechanical precision. Just a few of the reasons why their legendary status as the best-ever turntables has stood the test of time.

Alongside the turntables themselves, we provide cartridges and needles, taking away all of the faff so you can simply rock up with your records and get stuck into making some magic. 

You can even request additional CDJs to extend your set-up, and we have a choice of mixers including the Pioneer DJM 900nx2, 850, the new DJM-V10, or our Xone 96.

Our studios are spacious and acoustically treated - the perfect setting for DJs at any level to jam, record, or simply polish up on their vinyl skills. Our space is also suitable for streaming and video recording.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our Technics 1210s stretch their legs. We cannot wait to welcome you (and your records of course!)

To find out more or book, visit: