Our Instructors:

Mantas Jankauskas

Mantas is the founder of BAD Studios and has been DJ’ing since the age of 11. He currently teaches both DJ’ing and electronic music production on a full-time basis. Mantas has used his long history of experience to design the DJ course, refining and perfecting content over the years to ensure students are equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to pursue their dreams. He is a big believer in DJ’ing as an art form if approached in the right way.

When he’s not immersed in lessons in the studio, Mantas is managing On the 5th Day, a techno project involving monthly parties at London’s Corsica Studios, a podcast series and a label. Prior to On the 5th Day, he was organising music events both in London and back in his hometown, Vilnius, Lithuania.

His most recent music project is Abstract Man.

DJ Instructor

Katie Arnold

Katie has been teaching at BAD Studios for the last 5 years, drawing on her musical skills, experience, and love for electronic music to guide clients through our DJ course and towards achieving their goals. She believes that the music we love is an extension of who we are and that if approached in the right way, and with the right mindset, DJ'ing can be an amazing means of self-discovery and creative self-expression. 
Katie first got decks at the age of 18 and spent her first few years as a self-taught bedroom DJ, before deciding to take things to the next level, brush up on her skills and bring the music she loves to bars and clubs. It is in the last 8 years that her DJ'ing journey has really taken a step up, playing at venues across Europe as a solo DJ, and also as one half of techno duo, Abstract Man, together with BAD Studios founder, Mantas.
Katie is also co-owner of the much-loved electronic music platform, On the Day, running for the last 7 years and formed of events, a podcast series, and label.
When she's not guiding clients through our DJ course, Katie is running her Reiki healing practice, Wholeheartedly You, supporting people to heal deeply and get to know, and learn to love, who they really are.
Katie Arnold

David Smith

A former student of BAD Studios, David was first introduced to DJing seven years ago, and has recently begun teaching at the school. As such, he has a great understanding of BAD Studios' ethos and practices, particularly in terms of allowing students to work at their own pace to reach their full potential.

As a DJ, David has incredibly wide tastes encompassing everything from afrobeat and dancehall, to grime, breaks and Jersey Club, making him an ideal teacher for any student who wishes to tackle any genre. He has played at venues around London, and currently has a monthly slot of Tottenham-based radio station 199Radio.

Aside from his DJing, David produces for his own project under the artist name ‘Promontorian’ and 'Turian', with his tracks finding their way onto platforms including NTS Radio and Dancing Astronaut. He also regularly works as a ghost producer and recording engineer.

Instructor David Smith