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Raw Silence @ Hide London, 11th of May 2013


Party people! Very last minute, but best things come spontaneously! We would like to invite you all on the 11th of May to Hide London Club, Mayfair to yet another party! Our 'Become A DJ' students - Ryan Molloy, Keith Hunter, Patricia Marie C, Markus Rush, Victoria V and Urban Myth will be shaking the earth so hard that all the Mayfair snobs will start crawling in to our place like a bunch of worms after the rain. Let's hope at the end of the night, they will scream - EUREKA!

Jokes aside, the venue prides itself
boasting an impressive void sound system, inspired by the system at DC10 in Ibiza- but especially tailored for the Jermyn Street. Be assured, this is not your avarage Mayfair club; there is no dress coda, no ropes or rules- this is a sapce for you and the DJ to simply appreciate the music.


Saturday, 11th of May, Hide London Club, 91 Jermyn Street, SW1Y 6JB. 22:00-03:30

Posted on 16 May 2018

Swim the Shine holds a Traktor™ Workshop in Budapest



Traktor™ is one of the most advanced and widely used DJing software. Artists as diverse as Richie Hawtin and DJ Shiftee use it creatively to forge their own style. We are very proud that our Traktor™ instructor (Swim the Shine) was recently invited to Budapest, Hungary to hold a 2-day workshop at the local The Audio-Visual Open Studios (AVOS). This workshop covered a wide range of topics from the basic features of operation up to the more advance aspects with plenty of time reserved for hands on practice and experimentation. Not only that, but Swim the Shine even played a gig while in Budapest at the famous bath party ( 
Soon we'll be hosting Traktor™ workshop in London studio as well!!! Watch this space if you are interested.....

Written  by 'Become A DJ'


Posted on 18 Jan 2019
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