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New Pioneer CDJ3000 in our DJ studio! Come and try them out!

We have a super doper exciting upgrade in the studio - new Pioneer CDJs3000. The new players offer some very good features like bigger and better touchscreen, improved jog wheel and enhanced audio quality amongst many others. But come and try it out yourself. 

DJ Studio hire available 7 days per week, 11 AM-11 PM and only £10 per hour. Book HERE
Posted on 30 Sep 2020

Introduction to music theory for electronic music by Hüseyin Evirgen - Cassegrain

I would like to share a very educational video about electronic music theory delivered by Hüseyin Evirgen, aka one half of the Cassegrain duo. In the video, Hüseyin explains the basic concepts of music theory which can be very eye-opening and lay foundations for new aspiring music producers. Get comfy and soak it all in! ;) 




Contents of the video:

0:00 Intro

08:16 Octaves

10:14 Tones & Semitones

11:09 Scales

12:09 Monophony vs Polyphony & Harmonics

16:00 Notation

17:00 Tonal System

18:38 Major vs. Minor Scale Formulars

19:26 Diatonic system

20:41 Pentatonic system

25:58 Tonic Supertonic Mediant Subdominant Dominant Submediant

26:49 Phrases

33:36 Dissonance vs. Consonance

36:18 Non western musical systems

42:05 Outro

Posted on 18 Aug 2020
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