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Niamh - 'Constitution Hill' Release



Kombinat’s third release ‘Constitution Hill’ comes from London based Irish producer Niamh who marks her first EP with a four-track collection of driving, tripped out sounds. Nodding to her roots in Dublin’s electronic music scene which paved the way to her discovery of the rowdier side of techno which she currently revels in, this EP celebrates the beginning of her journey in production which initially started near Constitution Hill in Dublin and continues to evolve here in London.


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Posted on 13 Mar 2019

Kombinat's second release - Apatik 'Intelligenza Emotiva' EP


Following a solid, widely sought after EP from Ireen Amnes marking its launch in August 2018, Kombinat returns with its second release to show it really means business!


This time we welcome Fabio as Apatik with ‘Intelligenza Emotiva’, a 4-track EP exploring the dimensions of emotional intelligence. Using dark, driving drums and rhythms, emotional pads and pulsating percussions as his tools, Apatik reveals his journey and revelations, the result being a cutting-edge, stand-out release guaranteed to keep you locked in.


We are extremely proud of Fabio’s achievements and what a great first release. Support by buying, sharing, loving and caring.

Posted on 18 Jan 2019
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