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NO! We are not talking about Richie Hawtin's mix for the cover of the March 2012 issue of Mixmag ( Something even more exciting has happened (in our opinion anyway) for Become a DJ. Our very own Traktor instructor, Swim the Shine ( was invited to the Audio-Visual Open Studios in Budapest, Hungary to deliver a lecture on the differences/similarities/misconceptions of digital vs analogue musical formats. As this boy has a PhD in something we don't understand, he didn't simply go through the motions and give a lecture that has been given a thousand times beforehand, based on every recording engineer's school curriculum. Instead he managed to spice up the lecture with facts from fields as far apart as theorems from Information Theory (, law making and criminology, facts from the neuroscience of sensory processing, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) results of professional piano players and his own experiences from the 2012 Olympic Games in London where he performed as a drummer. We cannot fathom how these topics could help you understand digital and analogue recordings of sound waves but the lecture was so well received that he's been invited back to repeat it at other events to different audiences. Maybe next time we will have to fly with him to hear that lecture. But in any case, we are very proud and excited and thought we'd let you know! Sign up for our Traktor course if you want to be taught by an exceptional teacher and have a unique experience in learning how to DJ.
Posted on 2013-04-05 12:19:28
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