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Introducing Traktor Dj courses

Widening Horizons... Or in other words: Introducing Traktor Dj courses


We at Become a DJ are passionate about music and the art of DJing. While our mission is to provide high quality courses in which students learn the skills they need, our hope is that during their time with us they also soak up our passion for this art. We believe that music is for everyone. It matters not whether you are rich or poor, old or young, boy or girl as long as you love what you do and you make people enjoy their lives while you are doing it. Similarly, it matters not what equipment you use. If you rock a crowd you rock a crowd. 'Nuff said.  

In this spirit we are widening the spectrum of courses we offer to include software DJing. In the first instance we are going to offer courses at different levels using Traktor™. There is a lot of unnecessarily angry exchanges on user forums, magazines and social media websites about whether or not software DJing is actually DJing. We do not subscribe or participate in these feuds because in our opinion they are pointless. First of all, one cannot stop the technological advancements. Software DJing has arrived in a big way. Regardless of whether every single person welcomes it or some will refrain, the fact remains that more and more live shows and clubs use this platform. Secondly and most importantly at Become a DJ every student will still need to learn to beatmach (without the synch button engaged) regardless of whether they sign up to learn vinyl, CD or software DJing. When build on solid foundations, using Traktor™ for a performance can be just as challenging to the performer and just as entertaining for the audience. Software DJing is not harder or easier than other forms, It is simply different. Laying a pair of skillful hands on some hardware controllers to operate Traktor™ can result in incredible and satisfying musical experiences and jaw-dropping performances. Achieving such performances requires dedication, patience and practice, just as much as it does using vinyl or CD decks.  


We are looking forward to seeing our students regardless of which course they sign up for.


Posted on 2018-05-15 23:51:24
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