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About Become A DJ

One doesn’t become a great DJ by wishful thinking alone; you’ll have to bring all you can into the game: your passion, charm, knowledge, your taste of music, connections. All of that plus some major skills.

That is why at Become a DJ our prime purpose is to inspire and encourage eagerness, and to provide our DJ school students with abilities needed to become a skilful DJ. Some take the DJ course to learn, yet others simply enjoy the ride. Everyone has a personality, and we have made it our priority to discover yours. We accomplish it by working closely with each and every DJ school student, by putting their individual needs first, and by making necessary adjustments at every turn.  By taking this DJ course you embark on a wonderful journey where none of your mistakes shall be judged, where you will be given freedom to move at your own pace. And that’s what makes our DJ school so special.

The Course


It has taken us years of careful consideration to handcraft our DJ training programs. But as the things in the industry move fast, so must we. We constantly revise the programs, to keep them up to date with new equipment and emerging musical styles. As challenging as it may seem we are always on top of things, bursting with experience and ready to pass it on!


With every new Become A DJ student comes a unique opportunity to help him or her reach their goal. Our DJ courses are not dry, boring or bloated with unnecessary information, nor are they an endless repetitive DJ ‘practice’ that discourages you. Every DJ lesson is tailored according to each Become A DJ student’s existing skill, taste and goals.


This approach is a winning formula meaning that success is guaranteed. By the time the course is complete, the student will be equipped with the complete set of DJing skills necessary to perform on any stage in the world. This is because we take a foundational approach, building your skills from the ground up and preventing the student from falling into bad habits. This means that we teach you how to understand and enjoy the music without cutting corners or cheating. We make sure we devote maximum attention to each student, and this is why our lessons are on a one-to-one basis. Furthermore, we diligently keep up to speed with all the innovations within the industry, ensuring that our students learn on the latest DJing equipment.

Is it for you?


Whether you’ve been passionate about DJing for years or just want something new and vibrant in your life, hop on board - Become A DJ is the place for you to learn to DJ professionally.


There’s no age limit, it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, what you do for living, how many siblings you have or whether you are a heavyweight champ or ballerina. To make things especially accommodating for you we are open from dusk till dawn, every day of the year – we’ll fit in even the busiest of you! If you feel that DJing is something you’ve always wanted to try, learn, or even master then come on... do it - join the show. Taking this definitive course means that you can Become a DJ.